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UI design with Adobe XD prototyping tool

Last month (in October 2017) a long-awaited event in UI design world happened — Adobe XD 1.0 finally arrived! It is supposed to be the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobiles apps and more and as a UI designer I was obviously curious to explore this tool even before…


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My 5 Usability and UX Insights from WebExpo to Design Better Products

Every year the capital city of my home country, Prague — the Mother of Cities, hosts a special web event which brings together business, development and design people with the purpose of sharing knowledge across these fields. The event is called…


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Ahoy, UX sailors! A day full of UX design workshops in Bristol’s harbour

Most people want software that improves their daily lives in intuitive and efficient manner. That is the reason why properly designed user experience (UX) is an important topic in the digital world nowadays. A good UX is, in my opinion, a presumption of having happy users which…


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10 Handy Chrome Tools Supporting Work of UI/UX Designers

A selection of Google Chrome tools which I use in my design and development workflow…

Designers tend to use diverse tools to make their design work better. I am the same. We are eager to explore new tools when does exist a chance that a particular one can help us in our day-to-day tasks. Finding the…


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A Must for All Complex User-facing Digital Products — UI Style Guide

How to make the user interface of your product highly consistent and cohesive…

In my previous post…


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5 Essential Elements of a UI Designer

What I have learnt during my first year in a software house as a UI Designer…

A few months ago I was asked to share my design experience with a graphic design student. It was an opportunity for her to get to know what it takes to be a UI Designer in a software company. So I started thinking about the most useful advices…


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6 Inspiring Design Talks & Other Memories from a Web Conference in Prague

Business, creativeness and development met together under the same roof again in the historical Prague in Czech Republic. Enthusiastic speakers from Google, Microsoft, Slack and others shared their inspirational thoughts and ideas. Local startups and established tech companies showcased their work. Businessmen, designers and developers networked in a friendly…


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Fishing for UX Design Thoughts at the Aquarium and Design Conference in Bristol

Collaboration, emotions and designing for higher reasons. These words can describe Collaborate 2016 (10–11th Nov), the design conference which was held last November in Bristol — one of the largest creative hubs in the UK outside of London. The event hosted experts in user experience, information…


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Intro: Hello World, Hello Designers! - Notes and Thoughts about UI / UX Design

Hello Bristol Usability Group,

my name is Brett and I am Web/UI designer based in Bristol, a new designer here who has just joined the group. I am originally from Czech Republic and I moved to England to step out of my comfort zone and follow my dream - working and living abroad.

With this introduction post I would like to share my…


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