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10 Handy Chrome Tools Supporting Work of UI/UX Designers

A selection of Google Chrome tools which I use in my design and development workflow…

Designers tend to use diverse tools to make their design work better. I am the same. We are eager to explore new tools when does exist a chance that a particular one can help us in our day-to-day tasks. Finding the right one is a gradual process, but once done, we can enjoy our effort. Because of that, I’ve recently revised all available extensions for Google Chrome (my primary development browser) and put together set of the tools which are useful in my design and development workflow. I believe you can find them handy as well.

So I went through more than 30 Google Chrome extensions and prepared a selection of tools which you can see below. The tools I am going to introduce you support my company work on a web-based information system for hospitals and clinics called Epro and also my design and development work on personal projects. Continue with reading at ► original post...

The content of the article:

  • The Classic of classics + advanced debugging (1)
  • Tools to check designs implementation (3)
  • Tools to check accessibility, SEO and performance (3)
  • Tools to improve our work in general (3)

Continue with reading at ► original post...

The article was originally published in A Designer’s Thoughts by Brett Mazoch.

The article was written by Břetislav “Brett” Mazoch while working as a designer in England. He moved there from the Czech Republic to follow his traveller’s dreams and work passion — UI/UX Design and Front-end Development.

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