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Tuesday February 5th 2008

Multi-touch interaction - what is it good for besides zooming? Exciting opportunities for data visualisation and exploration, collaboration using multiple control points, the iPhone is just scratching the surface (but is still very cool)...

Tuesday,December 4th 2007

Mince pies and festive things - and how 'accessible' PDFs ARE useful

Tues, November 6th 2007

Clara Lemon (Futurelab) lead a discussion on Interactions of Tomorrow. Gestural interaction, table tob embedded computing, social interaction, multi-touch and even pen top computing

October 2007

Social at the Watershed

Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

Joe Leech (cxpartners) + Praminda (UWE) lead a discussion of ethics in usability.

Tues, June 5th 2007

Stuart Church (Pure Usability) & Dave Ellender (cxpartners) lead a discussion on selling usabiilty.

Tues, April 24th 2007

We interactively tested Nintendo WII. Ouch!

Tues, March 20th 2007

We discussed our favourite information sources, including:

Tues, February 13th 2007

Stuart Church led a review of practitioner tools Axure and Morae.

Tues, January 16th 2007

The topic was the Agile development process combined with UCD methods, and how this can work. Chris, presented on how to work with Agile and introduce people to it who are new to it to open up a discussion about how to work with in integrating UCD approachs.

Tues, December 12th 2006

The topic was video viewing and discussion of "Usable technology for Older People: Inclusive and Appropriate" (35mins)(DVD). The Utopia project is led by Alan Newell from Dundee University.

Tues, November 14th, 2006 (World Usability Day)

The topic was: Making masks for participatory requirements gathering, by Dave Elle...

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