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A Must for All Complex User-facing Digital Products — UI Style Guide

How to make the user interface of your product highly consistent and cohesive…

In my previous post 5 essential elements of an UI Designer I have mentioned that consistency in a user interface is one of the key elements of extremely usable digital products. That consistency improves the overall user experience and makes design & development quicker and more effective in the long run. The main tool for keeping consistency across the user interface of your software product is so called UI Style Guide. You could hear different names for it — Pattern Library, Design Framework, Visual Guidelines… however, the point is the same: design a system in your designs. Continue with reading at ► original post...

The content of the article:


What are the benefits of creating and using the style guide in your project?

02. BUILDING BLOCKS [checklist]

What are the building blocks of good UI Style Guides?


Eager to learn more about style guides? Check out the links I recommend

Continue with reading at ► original post...

The article was originally published in A Designer’s Thoughts by Brett Mazoch.

The article was written by Břetislav “Brett” Mazoch while working as a designer in England. He moved there from the Czech Republic to follow his traveller’s dreams and work passion — UI/UX Design and Front-end Development.

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