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I bet that many designers are wondering whether or not it is too late for them to change their careers when they are more than 40. 

The principle doesn't apply to designers only, but also to programmers and other related professionals in the technical field. This happens when we substitute the way we truly feel deep inside with different social conventions.

In this case, the social convention starts with the premise that age is a key element with regard to our professional evolution and extrapolates the conclusion that people over 40 shouln’t even contemplate the idea of changing their career because it will be too hard.

There is some truth in social conventions, otherwise they wouldn’t exist and people wouldn’t follow them so blindly. The truth relies on the fact that, psychologically speaking, after a certain age it’s very difficult to adapt to new areas, as your capability to learn decreases and your mind is too determined by the information acquired up to now. Moreover, a mentality which is built in time can be hardly transformed.

On the other hand, social conventions can easily become misconceptions. They cannot be applied in every particular case, hence they are likely to disregard some vital aspects.

Let's take the case of a Graphic Designer who wants to transition towards UX Design. In this scenario, the important information that is left out by the social unwritten law is your experience as a Graphic Designer, which can be easily modulated into a good start for your UX career. I’m not going to say more about that, I’m just showing you the following articles:

How Do I Change from Graphic to UX Design in my Career?

The experience that a Graphic Designer has built is very important for the UX prospect and might turn him or her in a short period in a UX designer with a better perspective than somebody more experienced , but less versatile.

However, the social convention disregards these sorts of facts because it doesn’t operate at a deep mentality level, but only on a logical thinking structure, which is usually very shallow and reductionist.

Not to mention that there are so many sources to learn UX design from scratch even if you weren’t a Graphic Designer:

Bloc | Online Coding Bootcamp for Developers and Web Designers

Become a UX Designer from scratch

CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired.

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