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Can you help us find the right person? (Need UX Design/Delivery for serious game/data viz hybrid)


We are developing something that needs a particular mix of skills and are finding it tricky to locate the best people or companies to help.  It would be fantastic if members of BUG could help point us in the right direction!

We are looking for someone with expertise in:

- data visualisation

- UX design and delivery for mobile/web apps

- creating data driven games


We need this person to create a user experience flow and build the user experience part of a web app that can be used by single users and groups.


A key part of the user experience is to create an immersive visualisation that:

- is driven by data comprising a structural model and user activity based data

- grows in an interesting way as the user continues to interact with it.

- creates an element of uniqueness for each user so that their visualisation is of interest to other users


We are also looking to make the data visualisation feel immersive by including game techniques to sustain user engagement over the long term,


We want this person to connect their design to a content management system that is already in existence and built using web technologies.


We're looking to start work on this asap so please do get in touch if it's of interest or if you can point us in the right direction of someone who can help!

Many thanks


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