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Futurelab are looking for short-term HCI researcher...

Are you interested in and able to find your way around publications in the HCI field?

Are you able to read, digest and write up an overview of the publications, papers, books, conference proceedings, blog posts surrounding the existing and emerging digital interactions being used currently in secondary education (e.g. web 2.0 tools, mobile devices and other more everyday ICT products).

Do you have excellent writing ability?

I'm looking for someone to help define the research brief, define the target publications and sources, work with our expert education researchers who will be able to provide good insights into the specifics of what you'll be looking for, and then you'll pull it all together, do lots of reading, analysis and write it all up.

It'll probably last about 1-2 months and needs to be complete by early July. If you want to find out more, please get in touch ( with a short paragraph of your interest and experience and I'd be glad to get back to you.

Many thanks!


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