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Intro: Hello World, Hello Designers! - Notes and Thoughts about UI / UX Design

Hello Bristol Usability Group,

my name is Brett and I am Web/UI designer based in Bristol, a new designer here who has just joined the group. I am originally from Czech Republic and I moved to England to step out of my comfort zone and follow my dream - working and living abroad.

With this introduction post I would like to share my design blog called ► A DESIGNER'S THOUGHTS. You can read my first story at Medium ► Intro: Hello World, hello designers! And you can also follow me on Twitter ► @brmadesign

After working in a digital and software industry for a couple of years, I got an idea about sharing my experience as a designer, my design notes and what I’ve learnt so far. I work as a UI Designer in a software company called Bluewire Technologies in Bristol (UK) where we are developing a web-based information system for National Health Service clinics and hospitals. That provides me an opportunity to work on meaningful solutions and at the same time raises a lot of design thoughts. Hopefully useful to share…

This is a short introduction to my new blog where I will share stories about UI/UX Design. I am Břetislav Mazoch, in short just Brett, and very happy to welcome you here!

UI/UX Design for web apps, mobile apps and websites is my passion and below you can find some topics which I want to cover in my future posts:

  • design principles and rules to create great user interfaces,
  • my design process and how I create digital solutions,
  • Sketch and other tools which I use in my design process,
  • design conferences which I attended — reviews and takeaways,
  • my top advice for getting a job as a Web/UI designer,
  • and more…

If you are interested, then stay tuned and follow my channel at ► A Designer’s Thoughts.

Have a nice day and see you soon!

The article was written by Břetislav “Brett” Mazoch while working as a designer in England. He moved there from the Czech Republic to follow his traveller’s dreams and work passion — UI/UX Design and Front-end Development.

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