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My 5 Usability and UX Insights from WebExpo to Design Better Products

Every year the capital city of my home country, Prague — the Mother of Cities, hosts a special web event which brings together business, development and design people with the purpose of sharing knowledge across these fields. The event is called WebExpo (22nd–23th Sep 2017) and like the last year, I attended this conference to gather fresh ideas on user experience, usability and design workflows.

In two days I’ve seen about 14 talks and spent really good time talking with designers from Mozilla, Trainline, Adobe and other companies. This is so great about the conference! In this article, I will introduce you the best 5 talks of my choice. All of them cover information hugely useful in the area of UI/UX design for web/mobile apps and complex information systems.

So what are the ideas I gathered that can help you to design and develop highly usable software and digital solutions?

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The content:

  1. Think beyond measured data
  2. Drive your designs by fast learning
  3. Create higher level design systems
  4. Communicate in user-friendly UI language
  5. Research, prototype, engage users

The article was originally published in A Designer’s Thoughts by Brett Mazoch.

The article was written by Břetislav “Brett” Mazoch while working as a designer in England. He moved there from the Czech Republic to follow his traveller’s dreams and work passion — UI/UX Design and Front-end Development.

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