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Powerpoint is the top UX tool in Bristol!

Only eight people participated in the 2008 survey, so read this all with a large pinch of salt, some pepper and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to all those who took part... what happened to the rest of you? Did Christmas get in the way??


Tools used (by % of people)
- Powerpoint: 75%
- Morae: 50%
- Silverback: 50%
- Surveymonkey: 50%
- Omnigraffle: 38%
- xSort: 25%
- Visio: 25%
- Optimalsort: 12%
- Keynote: 12%

Preferences for meetings (by % of people)
- In the bar: 75%
- Discussion group: 62%
- Presentation: 50%
- Book club: 25%
- Skillswap: 25%
- Pechakucha: 12%

What is good about BUG
- "Good to meet up with friends and colleagues out of work, interesting talks/discussions"
- "The people, resources, ideas"
- "Informality"
- "I can learn new things about user experience"
- "Open and friendly. Good chance to network"
- "Connecting with other ux people locally rather than in London"
- "I'm not a programmer - this is all new to me. But I want to know more from a project management point of view"

What is not good about BUG
- "I wish more people would turn up, including me."
- "Irregular meetings"
- "Events are at kids bedtimes!"

Percentage of people interested in a day-long workshop in June 2009
- Yes 100%

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