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UI design with Adobe XD prototyping tool

Last month (in October 2017) a long-awaited event in UI design world happened — Adobe XD 1.0 finally arrived! It is supposed to be the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobiles apps and more and as a UI designer I was obviously curious to explore this tool even before that release. In our Epro design team we have been testing and using the previous Beta version for about 3 months and, to be honest, we got excited and frustrated at the same time. In following lines I’ve summarised my excitements and frustrations coming after using this promising design tool.

Switching from Beta to 1.0 was not as a big step as we thought it will be in terms of new functionalities, but we are hoping for a brighter tomorrow. We decided to continue using Adobe XD and see what new releases will bring on the table. Currently, we use this tool to create interactive prototypes for our medical web-based information system.

In September, I was also lucky to hear and meet a designer from the XD team during a web conference in Prague. His name is Andre Jay Meissner and he was talking about design approaches in the development of Adobe XD. You can watch Andre’s talk Assumptions Prohibited in my article about Usability and UX Insights from WebExpo to Design Better Products — it was really entertaining!

So what we miss and what we like in new Adobe XD prototyping tool?

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The article was originally published in A Designer’s Thoughts by Brett Mazoch.

The article was written by Břetislav “Brett” Mazoch while working as a designer in England. He moved there from the Czech Republic to follow his traveller’s dreams and work passion — UI/UX Design and Front-end Development.

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