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We are a small consultancy specialising in transactional design and research. We are looking for UX specialists to join us to work on a mixture of high profile e-commerce, charity and gov clients. 

You'll be key to helping us deliver projects that are important to our clients' success.

- You’ll want to join a small company and be a core part of its growth
- You'll want to develop your skills by working with some seasoned consultants
- You'll want to work in a company where UX - research and design - is our main service
- You’ll want to work with other people who dig UX
- You’ll be entrepreneurial, love your work & be very good at what you do   
We'd like to connect with people looking for full time, part time or freelance roles.
If you're interested, please give us a few details here:
I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks but will catch up towards the end of August.
Best wishes,

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