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Hello Bristol Usability Group!

My first blog post here is about a really exciting new opportunity at Potato Bristol which might interest some of you. Here's a snippet from our job ad:

Freelance UX Designer required to work on fun web projects.

You'll be working at our office in Bristol, United Kingdom, working on web tools and apps for huge audiences. Our clients currently and previously include Google, YouTube, News International, BBH, Mother and numerous other agencies.

This role will see you working as part of a friendly, expert team. The workload will sometimes be hectic, but the atmosphere is cheerful and proactive.

You'll work closely with developers and designers to negotiate user-centred designs that you can communicate effectively with wireframes and other documentation.

Are you interested in this role? Find out more about it or get in touch, I'd love to meet up over a cup of tea, find out more about how you work, and see if we could work together.



P.S. Agencies: Please don't call or email. If (one day) we need you, we'll be in touch.

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